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5'6" (166cm)

Weight :

105 lb (48kg)

Eye Color


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34C-23-36 [Natural]


Please call/text to inquire.

Full Companion, Stocking (+10 Rose),应有尽有[你懂得] GF & PS RIM + CIM Dating Service,OUTCALL外卖,OVERNIGHT过夜


"Jessie" is a classy, out-of-this world sexy and sweet  girl She is undeniably one of the most attractive girls around and definitively fun to see.Once you're in her company, Daisy will take you to a place where very few have been: A world of pure relaxation, pleasure and quality time you well deserve.Non-Smoker, .No-Tatoo, All Natural.

本期推出韩国电眼美女*Jessie*19岁, 第一次在多伦多上班,C-Cup粉嫩波波, 23寸小蛮腰,标准的S型曲线, 年轻皮肤光滑, Jessie绝对是会让您试过后而一直念念不忘的人, 美眉气质非常棒心态开放和甜美的笑容,期待哥哥们的验证哦!!

特点:皮肤光滑白嫩,PP够翘够圆 GF & PS Dating


140/30Mins,  180/45Mins,  240/60Mins, More Then 2 Hours Please Call Us to Check (^∞^)


North York [Yonge & Finch] 416-979-8999


  1. kingjamez October 28, 2015 7:03 pm

    之前看了幾個狼友的REPORT, 覺得這個妹子顏值評價好像不錯, 不期望有LENA/EMMA的水平, 但是至少CUTIE或者JUICY的水準是有的吧? 結果還真沒有, 而且可以說落差不小.

    其中一個REPORT的FaceFucker Bro給出了8.5分的顏值評價..沒有冒犯的意思, 但是當時我看過去第一眼的反應是: 現在FaceFucker的標準都降到這樣了麼

    body: 7.5: Highlight is her big pair of boobs. They are firm and feel real. 屁股狗肉,狗仔舒服. 有點不夠高,身材有點微胖型,但是對我來說可以接受.
    service: 8: Better than standard. SF2/water flute + the little routine that was mentioned in her other reports, dfk/roam/69/daty/rim/(I think digit is fine too)
    attitude: 8: Considering that she speaks very little English, she tries hard to please and communicate.

    我想問問, 隨著Lena/Emma/Juicy這些老兵的老去, Cutie/Barbie/Love又走了, 市上還有觀賞值較高的韓國/日本菜麼? 是我已經被轉化為FaceFucker還是市場上的標準被降低了? 如果可以的話,懇親狼友們說說市場上跟LENA/EMMA顏值有的拼的kimchi/sushi,至少本人感覺已經許久沒見到過了.

    • Selph August 15, 2016 1:16 pm


  2. heavenwushi October 28, 2015 7:09 pm

    Hi everyone, I know this is my first post, but I’ve been lurking around for awhile. Decided now its time to give back to the community.

    Booked Jessie for 1 hour, Got up to the room, hidding behind the door was a beautiful looking young lady with a voluptuous body, wearing a black dress that hugged all her curves. Height about 166cm. I was pleasantly surprised so far. Helped me hang my jacket, another plus. SF2 was where it got interesting. First off, she rinsed me front and back with water, then applied soap, front and back, then washed the soap off, front and back again lol. Then she went behind me, and started giving me a HJ while washing my butt, which was something i never experienced. Finally, she caught me off guard when she put her right thigh inbetween my legs and grinded my balls, had me scared alittle because I thought my family jewles were goona be crushed lol.

    came out, dried up, and lied on the bed waiting for her. To my surprise, she came out then lied right beside me, which confused me alittle, so I took charge and kissed her from neck to her kitty. DATY was good and responsive, clean and shaved. Popped the dome on and nailed her at mish, legs on shoulder, then doggy. This girl can take a pounding as I went full throttle. Saw alittle discomfot in her face, asked her if it hurts, she replied: “no, it feels good” lol. After 10 min, couldnt hold it and blew it in doggy. We talked alittle and she told me she was 23, which was believable. Round 2, bbbj and hj and rim, but my junior just didn’t respond, so i gave up and told her to relax and cuddle. While cuddling, she started playing with my jj again. ( I guess she didnt want to give up lol) This time I got hard and finished with bbbjcim after great efforts on her part.

    Face: 8.5 I am a Fackefucker and I have to say that she is mcot. her make up makes her look alittle like a latina. +0.5 for looking young.
    Body:8 Curves in the right places, nice ass and real 34 c. if she lost another 5-10 pounds, she would have been a 9. alittle extra belly meat.
    service: 7.5 Maybe because she is new, her routines are alittle off. shower time is too long lol.
    effort: 9 Tried very hard to get me to shoot on round 2, then gave me water to drink afterwards lol
    attitude: 8 very nice and friendly girl.

    repeat? maybe. there are just too many new talents out there lol.

  3. momo175 October 28, 2015 7:13 pm

    As a promise between Mr Will and me, I catch the immortal torch to shine our hunting venture and see Jessie today.

    Booking was easy, be there 20 mins before my appointment.Got buzz code very soon and went into the elevator, I had this feeling that itwould be a very special experience. Door opened, I walked into the living room,she hid before the door, she is 嫵媚, struck me an image as 妲己. DFK after I made my greeting, HH to bedroom, held myclothes while I undressed myself.

    After that we took the 1st shower, water flute, more DFK.I dried myself out and then HH back to bedroom. I laid on bed, she started herroaming, nipples, knees, chest, BBBJ and 69, rimming was on the table but Ididnt feel like it today. Her roaming routing was quite memorable, hand andtongue moved simultaneously. I had to tell you to slow down otherwize I wouldburst in her mouth. Shaved, good hygeine and very JUICY!!!!! She wasmoaning while I licked her. I askedher to put on the raincoat right away, then she showed me her talent as a rodeorider. I was like the horse in her portait, her boobs were so soft couldntresist to rub those babes. Few mins passed I put her down and unleashed theinner beast inside me to her magic cave, her water was all over my crotch. Iunloaded all my grace in 5 mins after. She K.O me!!!

    Then we had our 2nd shower, helped me dress then paid her.She walked me out a warmful hug and DFK. Her fragrance stayed with me still…
    Since she is new, something need to be mention:
    1) Her shower rounting is outrange my previous experience,I have to say its an A-game. She has 抬脚, body slide, front to back and back to front, twice!!!
    2) I think she is around 25 maybe, 165cm, real boobs (Ithink), no need in using lube, lots of smile, limited English. We use someuniversal language to bond with each other, it was doing quite well Iguess.
    Repeat: Maybe, will discuss the upcoming move with Mr Willto see how to divide the mission 1st
    Cheers Boys

  4. Latecomer October 28, 2015 7:17 pm


    Jessie入門著住件黑色撕爛裙幾性感。不是service queen, 冲完涼入房親幾下后她自己瞓低,好似叫我服侍instead.我心想希望投桃報李就roam她了。叫聲幾自然。但daty左幾分鐘佢繼續不動在哪享受我服務,我心想唔對路反身瞓低。佢亦醒水開始她的routine. CG 挺有勁的。有自然水。但mish時無眼神接觸有侍改進。總體還是不錯的meal
    Face: 7.8 有淫眼加分,應該冇動過刀
    Body: 8, 相信全身自然,真波好手感加分,皮膚算滑,健康膚色,不是骨感也不肥
    Service:8.5 主動rim, 但我對自興趣不大。有水消,DFK, 69, digit. 所有都挺配合
    Attitude: 8.5 入房先問拿錢,但新人我理解。全程笑容。英文應該是我見過最差的
    Repeat: maybe 如果in the area 和想搞典型淫婦樣

  5. Dissey23 January 4, 2016 4:50 am

    This girl seems to get some mixed reviews so I thought I’d chime in.

    In my eyes, she’s pretty. Breasts are enhanced (from what I can recall) but well done.

    She’s not the most engaging SP but her services make up for it in my opinion. And quite honestly, I’d rate her services up there with other Queen’s such as Lena and Clara (now gone) but maybe not quite as intense as Lush.

    Looks: 8
    Service: 9.5

  6. RED January 12, 2016 4:05 pm

    烟熏妆看着冷艳,实则温柔中略带挑逗的眼神,身材挺好,绝对至少C罩杯,屁股圆翘,手感光滑圆润饱满,捏着爱不释手…… 对要求很配合。虽然英语差些,但也能基本交流。尤其屋内两面都有镜子,不管是骑还是被骑都爽啊。一定再来!

  7. Ray June 20, 2016 12:27 am

    My experience was not so good one hour I booked. She did cim which was great don’t get me wrong but no sex says I’m too big kinda pissed me off. So unless you under 19 inch don’t try her.but real pics though.

    • Ray January 25, 2017 10:13 pm

      9 inch not 19

  8. Eddie September 12, 2016 11:22 pm

    Would like to see u again?

  9. Matt January 14, 2017 11:54 pm

    10 out of 10 she is the best i been around but trust me she is worth it 100%
    Very cute and friendly


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