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5'4" (165cm)
106 lb (48kg)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
English / Chinese


Please call/text to inquire.

Full Companion, Stocking (+10 Rose),应有尽有[你懂得] GFE & CIM Dating Service,OUTCALL外卖,OVERNIGHT过夜


New Fresh Arrival, Young Blood Tryout “Muzi” Ready to Bring Some of Her Spiciness to Test Your Engine. Come and Play, Be Greeted By Her Good Manners, Care and Her Love to Please Attitude. Her Body is Superb, She Has Super Soft White Skin, Slim & Tight Assets, Silky Shinny Hair and a Good Looking Face. Come and Try, It Will Be Your New Sweet & Juicy Dream of The Night. Non-Smoker, No Tattoo, All Natural Short Time Work!! [CIM]

特供极品-喜从天降首战多伦多-全加拿大首发全新亮相重磅特邀外省长腿明星脸Face系学妹”Muzi木子”165cm 48kg,C-Cup神似刚出道时小陶虹,介于邻家与女神之间的完美气质。五官明艳妩媚动人,唇红齿白笑容莞尔,非整容大众脸绝对天然美女。秀发及腰,温婉柔情似水细腻女子,爱好广泛擅长摄影,不经意隐现文艺气质。撩属性外形让人性欲大发,年轻体质自然丝润,不禁挑逗易高潮。腿精现世白嫩玩年长腿,美足挑逗性?多村狼友福利,火爆内测中!火热开腿等你哦~没有纹身,短期工作,全天然~【注:另有外卖及包夜服务】【可堂食 外送 过夜 包天】



220/45Mins, 300/60Mins, More Then 2 Hours Please Call Us to Check (^∞^)


North York [Yonge & Finch] 416-979-8999


  1. tk says:

    已经见过MUZI 很多次 今天决定写下 美女 本人照片和照片一样 舔我奶子的技术绝对一流 她的乳房吃舔起来很是过瘾 ! 美女也懂丝袜高跟足交射精 她穿丝袜高跟绝对令男人们的命根子雄起! MUZI的黑色尖头细高跟鞋很诱惑 另一双系带黑色露趾高跟凉鞋很是性感 由其是用这高跟系带凉鞋摩擦丝袜足交蹭弄射精 ! PS 她的叫床十分到位 这周六我会再去见美人! 男人们 让咱的命根子痛快是最中要的! 爱江山 更爱美人!

  2. kai says:


  3. Charles says:


  4. Venom says:

    Seen her awhile back. She opened the door and smiled. She’s cute! She looks at me and remembers me. So awesome!!! I told her before she opened the door, I could hear her going back and forth in her heals and she started laughing. SF2 is amazing I had to experience it again, so nice I wish all of them did it like her! LV is still the best for me at doing that. Nice BJ, did DATY to get her juices flowing. Normally I don’t do DATY if it’s hairy but hers is nice and clean! She went back to BJ and told her if she continues I’m gonna cum, she stops and just looks at me lol.. So she put the dome on. Nice and tight when I put it in and she started moaning and I went nice and slow without putting it all the way in. She was enjoying it cause her hands were caressing my back and grabbing my ass and squeezing it. Every time I went deep she was letting out nice loud moans. Pussy felt so great. Finished with CIM. Should have booked the hour to enjoy her more!

  5. Dom says:

    Seen Muzi & she’s wonderful, pics are real & she’s in her later 20s she’s def worth the try for me she was wearing sexy lingerie which I ripped up as I fully dominated her. At first she was very hesitant about my size but as soon as she took me in her mouth I could see genuine enjoyment for bbbj. As I slipped inside her I could feel she was tight or I was large for her. she was very Shy and wanted me to Work slow so I did for a good 10mins and then I saw her Fear of my size change to pure enjoyment & I had to turn it up and notch and push her limits before the end Of it all I was grabbing her hair choking her and she even let me finger her ass & she loved it all. To finish I asked if I could Tip her force cof and she agreed which was very Surprising because most girls say no she asked that it just not get in her eyes and hair, but in turn she had a huge Surprise from me because I have huge loads that go everywhere & I ended upI covering every part of her face and initially she was a bit grossed out and was trying to run from it all but once again she grabbed my guy and licked him clean I could see she ended up enjoying it and then I helped her wipe her face with some wet wipes. Overall 9.0/10 no girl is 9.9-10/10 because then you can only have one 10.

  6. First Man says:

    Yeah those pictures are real. Very pretty girl. English is not great but I got by with my limited Chinese. Agreed about the shower experience being nice including dfk, bbbj and dt. Loved looking into those eyes with her mouth full. To the bed for more nice bbbj but when it came
    to returning the favour she was so ticklish and all giggles. It was cute and hot in the beginning but became annoying after a few minutes which wasn’t enough time for me to do my thing. Flipped to 69 which was quite nice but again turned into giggles as she took me into her throat. I tried some more short daty but gave up. By the way, I’m a big fan of shaved ladies but didn’t at all mind her well trimmed “bush” . The sex was ok but without great daty and 69 I was a little turned off so o asked her to finish me off with a nice bbbj, dt and cim. Nice long massage as we chatted and taught each other some new words. Very sweet girl….ahhh….if only she took daty without all the giggles! Repeat? Really not sure. got others on the list!!

  7. L says:

    Doesn’t speak English but good personality. She was wetter than ever. Bj was good pussy is hairy. Boobs are real. Attitude is good.

  8. 月神 says:


  9. Eco9 says:

    Visited her for an hour. Limited English, very nice shower and BBBJ. Lots of DFK, no rush and massage included. Only turn down was her bush.
    Face: 8.5
    Service: 9
    Body: 9
    Overall: 8.5

  10. Alex says:

    木子是如果你错过她一次 一辈子都会后悔的姑娘。
    开朗 热情 性感 眼睛会说话
    美丽的姑娘千千万 有趣的灵魂万里挑一

  11. Wins says:

    Have seen Muzi twice and felt very good. Very beautiful and nice girl with great service attitude and skills, especially her bbj which was amazing. Highly recommanded.

  12. kk says:


  13. Venom says:

    Saw Muzi for 45min. The pics are definitely her! Shower experience is nice, she turns you around and strokes it with soap. Similar girls that did that in past from my experience which were on the top of my list for shower experience were LV and ROZY.. Cherry was the worst for shower experience. Anyways back to this review she gives a nice BJ…The session was good, no complaints. Time goes by so fast, wish I could pause time lol!!!

  14. Jack says:

    She is very beautiful, very beautiful, usually I can’t see Chinese girls, she is an exception, damn always think of her

  15. 7877878 says:


  16. s says:

    I usually only see the Korean girls at moonwaiting, but the pictures looked so good, so I thought i’d go for it. Man was I glad I took the risk. Booked for 45 minutes, she opens the door and thats definitely her in the pictures, her boobs aren’t as big as the pictures, but they are still big, c cups for sure. Face 9/10, not too much makeup, the right amount, she’s naturally very pretty. Nice dyed brown hair. Her body is fit, no baby fat at all, it was really nice looking at her hot belly. Anyways she opens the door with a huge smile, then immediately offers me water. Then I undress and SF2. She has very limited English, but tries to converse still, uses her translator if we get stuck talking. So during sf2 she tells me to turn my back to her, and then she gives me a big hug and moans. I literally felt like I was being caressed by an angel. She rubs her tiddies on my back, then strokes my guy. Really good shower, usually girls are pretty mechanical in the shower portion, but she was different, I actually really enjoyed the shower and all the teasing. She ended of the shower with waterflute. We dry off and get on the bed. She jumps on me and starts smiling me, then we got into some steamy DFk, she pulls and tugs my lips not letting go. I moaned pretty loud for once and she asked me If i was okay lol, she gives me a dirty smirk after. Then she licks and bites my nipples, and teases me all over. Then she starts sucking on my balls, staring at me, then gives me a bbj with lots of suction and deepthroating. I get turned on a get up and we makeout with lots of dfk and shes pumping my guy. I tell her to lie down and start giving her daty and her moans, fuck are so sexy. She was teasing my guy with her feet, and she had nice feet so i sucked on them and she was moaning more and more, and she cummed during daty and vibrated. She is trimmed down there, perfect amount of hair. This girl knew throughout the whole session I was head over heels for her, and she loved it, smiled and teased me so much.Then we go into more dfk and she puts on the cover, i’m on top and go pounding at her, and damn she really knows how to fuck. Shes moving her legs all over to pulls me close and teasing my nipples. We switch so shes on top and damn, she goes so fast and hard, it was amazing, i’ve never seen a girl smash at that speed, it felt so good, and shes pretty tight too. I cum in her and we just makeout and explore eachothers bodies. She cleans me off then sucks me clean. Time was almost over but she didnt care and gave me a massage for my hands and body. We chatted and laughed for a bit, was hard to communicate, but we tried. Gave me another shower and a kiss for the road. I was over time by quite a bit, defnitely not a clock watcher if she likes you. My current favorite at moonwaiting. My favorite part is her dfk, she pulls on bites your lip and wont let go, then stares into your eys and lets go slowly.

  17. TANG says:


  18. TANG says:

    我的处女评论就献给你啦木子小姐姐,想念你坏坏的笑,不经意魅惑的眼神,美妙的身体…See you next time

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