Age 19 / English




5'6'' (167cm)
100 lb (45kg)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
English / Chinese
34D-24-35 [Natural]


Please call/text to inquire.

Full Companion, Stocking (+10 Rose),应有尽有[你懂得] GFE & CIM Dating Service,OUTCALL外卖,OVERNIGHT过夜


“ViVian” Hot University Student Arrival. Freshly Arrived, First Time in Town. Young, Adorable and Pretty. Come and Discover This New Talent. New Girl To Adore. You’ll Love What You See. Slim Proportionate Body, Silky Shinny Hair, Beautiful Cute Looking Face, and Pearl Soft Skin. All Now, Have A Sensual and Romantic Rendez-Vous. One of Kind, One of a Lifetime, You Don’t Want to Miss Out. Join Her Party Today, Non-Smoker, No Tattoo, All Natural!! [CIM]

王者荣耀口碑相传MW招牌必点VIP系列之”ViVian”国内平面模特,网红主播,超一流水准秒杀一切粗脂俗粉,一朝拥有,永生难忘 167cm 45kg 全天然D罩杯 19岁 一线城市出身,气质超上乘,人群中最亮眼的星,脸蛋精致漂亮,热辣电眼,诱人红唇,穿衣性感优雅,脱衣浪荡诱人,擅长浪漫挑逗,如红酒般越品味越沉醉的绝色佳人黑丝高跟,无论您走心还是走肾,薇薇安都将是最完美的选择,群众的眼睛是雪亮的,神仙妹妹气质,初恋触电感满格,笑起来美得窒息,神情温柔,绝无任何风尘气,毫无赘肉,小鸟依人感❗️征服感满格❗️真正完美学援体验,限Nice老客/长钟优先哦位置极少非诚勿扰。没有纹身,短期工作,全天然!【只限华裔】【可堂食 外送 过夜 包天】



160/30Mins, 220/45Mins, 300/60Mins, More Then 2 Hours Please Call Us to Check (^∞^)


Markham [Warden & 7] 416-979-8999


  1. Kj says:

    Damn. I don’t even know where to start. She’s one of the top notch girls I’ve been with at mw. Through the years, I have never written a review no matter how good she is. But Vivian, I call her Viv that’s her little nickname.

    She is amazing again can’t stress that enough. She’s a petite little girl with a hot curve body. What else can you ask for? Greeted with high heels and a cute smile, went to the bed room undressed me and herself then she offer me the stocking service cuz it’s I told her it’s been a hard day. She slowly puts it on and tease me with the mirror and giving me a dance show. Then we went on to Shower, I bath her while grabbing those tits and her nipples got so perky and she got wet for me I can see the slime between her fingers. She then gave me one of the best bj and I had to hold back from finishing to embarrasses my experience at mw. I told her I’m good and she gave me a giggle as if I’m her prey. When we got on to the bed we 69 and Damnn she can suck a nice oneee. I can go on about it but here’s the score you all want.

    F: 9
    B: 10
    S: 10
    A: 10

    Wish she’s all mine.

  2. TP says:

    试了这位小姐姐,说实话她样子是一般. 不是很好看. 但是她很健谈,随和人也很nice. 好像跟一位认识很久的朋友一样. 服务也很好.

  3. tk says:

    今天去见了VIVIAN 相见恨晚 美女本人绝对比照片漂亮 洋气! 美女绝对懂 高跟丝袜控 男人们的心情 ! 她有穿黑色红底尖头高跟鞋十分的性感妖娆 ! 丝袜脚和穿过的高跟鞋 味道闻起来真的级爽 ! 高跟丝袜足交更是一绝! 美女还让我也穿了连裤丝袜 中间再撕开了洞 露出阳具 她再帮我口交 我和她都穿着丝袜做实在是太销魂了 舔我奶子和口交的技术也是一流! 已经决定下周一再去见她! 人生苦短 及时行乐吧 ! 辛苦钱 快活花 !

  4. V says:

    Very very wonderful experience with vivian, GFE was superb. All great services provided, and also loved to chat and talk. Was never rushed and took our time together. Will be seeing her soon. Thanks MW for her.????

  5. David says:

    前几天有机会见到Vivian. 非常漂亮的川妹子。温柔得体。身材很苗条而且比例很棒。整个过程非常舒服,Vivian很配合而且很会激起男人的欲望。是MW质量最好的几个。9.5分。
    Repeat – 一定

  6. CYC says:


  7. 666 says:


  8. 下大雪 says:


  9. Moroy says:

    Incredible beautiful. Long hair and a gorgeous smile. She did all she could to make me happy so much so that I booked a double session. If I was a millionaire I’d spent it all on her! Beautiful body and face and just overall sweet and lustful.

  10. xoxoxo says:

    The moment I opened the door I was greeted with an absolutely beautiful smile and face. She had a thin figure and held my hand as she walked me to her room. She gestured where my jacket goes and then where my other belongings go. As I undressed I couldn’t help but constantly look over as she was undressing. She has a nice and slender body. Even though I was a bit shy she was very comforting and also held my hand to guide me to the washroom, where we showered. For the session, her menu is pretty much as advertised. She gives a very good and sensual bj. Afterwards she put on a condom and we did a few different positions before I came during missionary. She has a very tight and soft body, and is eager to please you. I for sure recommend.

  11. TC says:

    非常好的小姐姐,服务好,性格好,最重要是身材超级好smoking hot

  12. FZ says:


  13. Chris says:


  14. Kenny says:

    来moonwaiting那么多次 这次是体验最好的一次 vivian真的我见过最好的girl 服务态度好 很配合 身材真的很好 标准的川渝辣妹子脸蛋 口活贼6 女友feel 建议尝试包夜 本人亲身体会 也许还会有惊喜哟!

  15. peter says:

    Late on cold rainy nite i took a chance on a girl named Vivian, I didn’t know what to expect but i had to see for myself the beautiful girl i saw in the picture. I came to the door and it opened .. a soft angelic voice like the coo of a dove said my name .. I answered yes and the voice told me to enter , There in the warm candle light was the most beautiful girl ! even more beautiful than the picture, She took me in her delicate hand and brought me to a fantasy world of sensual pleasure and contentment . I left serine and calm and fulfilled, Her name is Vivian and she was sent from heaven. ! . .

  16. Eco9 says:

    She is really pretty, has a nice body and beautiful eyes. However I think her BBBJ is the only good thing I remember. I felt she was rushing the session, no English at all, no DFK, small bush but well trimmed. The wall clock was like 5-10 min ahead. Overall score B-. Repeat? no….

  17. 飞翔 says:

    Vivian has gorgeous face, perfect body. Her service is second to none. Her personality is great, I feel like meeting an old friend.

  18. mamaipi says:


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