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5'2" (162cm)

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95 lb (43kg)

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Full Companion, Stocking (+10 Rose),应有尽有[你懂得] GFE &PSE Dating Service,OUTCALL外卖,OVERNIGHT过夜


"Jenny" Amazing Young Student. A Real Eye Candy. You'll Love It, You'll Adore Her, You'll Worship Her. Her Fun Energy is Too The Max. You'll Find No Other Like Her. Slim Tight Body, Creamy Skin Care, Lovely & Beautiful Face, Juicy Tight Peachy Ass. A Very Seductive and Pleasant Aura She Possesses That She Deserves an Encore, Guaranteed. Believe it, She's All Yours!Non-Smoker, No tattoo, Short time Work。[High Recommend Rimming Service]

火速围观!全加拿大第一手最新资源C乳闷骚学妹给力新人“Jenny” 162cm, 43kg,C-Cup,韩国名校在读学妹首次客串加国多村,真实实拍,本人更加好看,鲜鲜鲜!皮肤又嫩又白,双乳又大又软,玉腿又细又滑,声音又嗲又骚,无懈可击!无条件配合Biu嘴[奉献口爆服务]柔软蛮腰纤长四肢,性格安静施施然,谈吐温柔而不做作,自然流露,气质清新爽朗,小女人魅惑神态初露,内测优惠价,拼手速的时候到了,没有纹身,不吸烟。【注:另有外卖及包夜服务】






160/30Mins,  220/45Mins,  300/60Mins, More Then 2 Hours Please Call Us to Check (^∞^)


North York [Yonge & Finch] 416-979-8999


  1. Wins January 22, 2019 11:17 am

    Very nice and beautiful girl. The pictures are accurate and the real person even looks better. The excellent service and attitude, plus very fresh and tight, gave me the best feel that I never had before. Will repeat for sure.

  2. Venom January 25, 2019 12:54 pm

    Spent 30min with Jenny today. As I walked in I was like fuck, 30min is not gonna be enough!!! I wanted to extend my time but she was already booked! The pictures are accurate, they are her!!!I’m gonna have to repeat soon!!! If I win the lottery, I’m gonna book an entire week with all the girls together for myself and have an orgy!!! lol

  3. Eco9 January 27, 2019 10:17 am

    I visited Jenny last Friday in the Scarborough location….which by the way, only 2 elevators working for a 40-story condo building will slow you down so be a bit ahead of time. Height and pictures are accurate, early 20s, cute face, petite body with the right curves, nice bum and tits and a partially shaved pussy. On the action: SF2 with BBBJ, DFK, Rimming, 69, more BBBJ, Mish, Cowgirl and finally Doggy which was favorite as her bum is so cute. She is very friendly, has a great attitude and smiles all the time. Her English is ok, good enough to communicate and she quite likes to talk. During the rimming and grinding she did moan a lot….which I could assume it was a bit fake and annoying. In general it was a very good session and I will repeat for sure.

    Face: 9/10
    Service: 9.5/10
    Body: 10/10
    BBBJ: 8.5/10
    Overall: 9.25

    • Eco9 April 13, 2019 11:32 pm

      Repeated today….still looks lovely, easy to get along and with a wonderful service. From her side, she was happy to see my big dick again…seems she doesn’t get my size that often.

      • Eco9 May 4, 2019 10:58 pm

        And repeated again today…she is my favorite now at the NY location. Not willing to take the risk of trying the new girls if they don’t have reviews.

  4. Jjsmith January 27, 2019 10:38 pm

    Saw Jenny today for an hour. Short petite Korean girl with big fake boobs. Boobs are little too fake for me. Started with a shower, a small bbbj while drying. Headed to bed with dfk, could work on the dfk. Good long bbbj with light moaning, switch to 69. Nice cute little pussy with trimmed bush. Finished my first round 20 mins in cim. Decent massage. Second round with bbbj, cowgirl, Mish, and some others, Very talkative with little English sounds very cute. Every attentive the whole Gfe. Finish with shower and some kissing and left.
    Face: 9
    Body: 8
    Srve: 10
    Msg: 8
    Overall 8.75

  5. s February 6, 2019 6:01 pm

    Had the pleasure of seeing Jenny today as my regular moonwaiting girl wasn’t working. The picture is deinitely her and she cutely asked me “do i look like the picture or different”, I was like its you and she bursts into laughter and is like mhmm it is me! Anyways facially she extremely good looking, very small face, big eyes,nose/boob job likely. She undresses me from head to toe and then sf2. Nice thorough shower with lots of talking and a some lfk. Get into the bedroom and she gives me a wet soft kiss, her lips feel amazing, soft and juicy, sadly didn’t get dfk. Then she gets on top and takes my guy and rubs her kitty all over it, amazing kitty slide. She slowly licks my nipples then body, then a very long bbj, like 15 minute, moaning and frequent eye contact (very soft bbj,but she does it extremely seductively). Switches to 69, very clean, i rimmed her a bit, but she was very ticklish and squirmy so i just enjoyed the kitty and planted me face in that cute ass. She switched back to bbj for a bit then put on the cover. Holy shit she was the tightest girl ive ever been with, she was on top and then pulled me up and I cummed in 2 min lmao, not kidding. I said im cumming and she’s like whaaaat, she laughed and hugged me. We talked for 30 minutes, very talkative, and i dunno why i really liked her feet, they look very sexy. She speaks English quite well and we just joked around a lot. She imitated guys watching porn and jacking off, i was laughing, A very sweet girl with a nice personality. She puts some water in her mouth and gives me a short bbj. Quick shower then she insists on dressing me up peice by piece. Holds my hand to the door and feeds me a candy. A few kisses and hugs as I leave.
    Attitude: 10/10 she tries extremely hard to please and be polite
    Face:8.5/10 very pretty and young, gorgeous hair
    Service: 8/10 gentle fun, seductive gf type
    Repeat: Maybe. I’d like to try booking for an hour and see how it goes since I finished way to early.

  6. 666 February 7, 2019 12:35 am


  7. Kobe February 13, 2019 10:05 pm

    Saw Jenny for 45 minutes but wish I booked an hour instead. Pictures is accurate, a spinner with nice size boobs. Jenny is eager to please and provided excellent service. Probably one of the best girl I seen at MW. I would give her the following rating
    Face – 9
    Service – 10
    Body- 9
    Altitude – 10
    I will definitely repeat

  8. coolie March 19, 2019 10:46 pm

    Visited her yesterday. Face ok but looks odd to me. Very thin and she makes this noise which is not pleasant and kills the mood. Just LFK and so not much initiative. Friendly but restrictions. No repeat for me.

  9. Oppa March 20, 2019 6:16 pm

    I saw Jenny a few times already. She has a very petite body with curves at right places. I am into petite girls so to me her body is one of the best I have seen in MW. She always greets me with girlfriend smile and is very reponsive to my jokes. What turns me on the most beside her body is her sexy eye contact during bbbj and her tight pussy. I do highly recommend this girl, but please treat her gently. I will repeat her as much as possible until she leaves.


  10. Vee S March 23, 2019 9:35 am

    Saw her but the whole experience was cold. Looks like she wasn’t in a good mood. No energy at all. This agency has better other options. No repeat thank you

  11. KC April 2, 2019 12:57 am

    I have seen Jenny several times now and all I have to say is that if you’re not into skinny girl then she is not the girl for you. Picture is accurate, long hair, looks young. She has nice boobs with a cute ass. You will appreciate the view from behind. Her English is good enough to have a conversation. Jenny bbbj is top notch, always making eye contact. She also has soft lips for LFK. Good hygiene and nicely trimmed downstairs. I would give her the following rating
    Face 9
    Body 10
    Service 10
    Attitude 10
    Overall, she is cute, very sexy, with a killer body. I believe if you treat her right you will get the girl friend experience. In my opinion she is one of the top girl or the top girl in North York right now. I know she had mixed reviews but you should form your own opinion. I would definitely repeat.

  12. Honest Review Really April 14, 2019 5:00 pm

    Nice petite girl with nice attitude and smile. We talked a lot, well more than I usually do with other girls. Began with the bbbj, 69, then to cowgirl, mish, doggy, then finished with cim. Btw, she usually doesn’t offer rimming. Nonetheless still a topnotch.

    Face: 8/10 – a bit too much plastic but still pretty cute
    Body: 9/10 – very skinny with curves on the right spot
    Service: 10/10
    Attitude: 10/10

  13. balanar April 27, 2019 11:51 am

    She has a nice face and a good body. The service was good but she has a cold attitude and has strict restrictions.Don’t expect GFE just a routine.

  14. KC April 28, 2019 12:51 pm

    I want to add to my earlier post. If you want a true GFE experience, I think you need to be gentle. For those people who had a bad experience, maybe she was tired. Its hard when you are working every day. I think she is the best at MW


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