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April 16, 2016

关于MoonWaiting VIP 会员

December 13, 2015
至2015年1月开始我们开放了高级会员制,主要是提供给已申请会员是以下三项服务:”1.优先享有提前预约和免费选拔赛,只限我们忠诚的客户! 2.独家享有不公布在网站上的VIP模特,位置和信息! 3.独家获得我们特别企划的节日活动邀请 “ 介于特别企划的活动有一定的人员上限,所以只有部分会员参与了我们今年的游艇趴,vegas之旅,以及几次Home Party。 于明年开始我们会努力开展更多活动以便于更多会员可以一起参与我们。请已经EMAIL给我们的尊贵VIP客户加我们的LINE: moonwaitingvip

Models Are Pre-Screened

November 28, 2014
Models Are Pre-Screened [ONLY @ MOONWAITING] To meet our clients standards of beauty, knowledge of service, and a positive friendly attitude. Our models also provide fantasy, and fetish services. MoonWaiting一直以来每一位模特都是经过面试赛选出来的,目的是给所有兄弟们提供对工作更积极,更优秀的模特.

MoonWaiting VIP Membership

November 19, 2014
Signup to MoonWaiting VIP Membership And Receive Many Benefits Not Offered To The Public. Join The Community And Be Part Of Our Exclusive Gentlemen club. Please Send A Email To Us With Your Cell# 亲爱的新老朋友,希望您会喜欢我们的新网站,同时为了提供给您更好的服务我们开放了高级会员制。 ~ Be part of the model selection process ~ Vote for models before they arrive! ~ Prebooking and FREE tryouts […]

Easy Booking

April 28, 2014
Easy Booking Our phone lines 10:30am to 12:30am are always open and friendly to you. Our new website it’s more easy to check model photos! For security reason and better service you we do not accept google phone ,email, and block number booking . 预约方便-您可以随时在上午10:30 至 午夜12:30 之间打电话联系我们。为了方便您的访问我们的网站已开发手机版本,可以更多데了解到每一位模特的信息!为了更安全,更有效的帮您预约我们不接受网络电话,email,以及隐藏号码的预约.

We Care

September 6, 2013
We Care To Better Improve Our Service We setup a Review page on our site that allows you to provide us comments, concerns, and suggestions that help us better understand your needs. We encourage your feedback after each visit. If you’re not 100% satisfied, please let us know.   为了提供给您更好的服务,我们新网站上所建立的赛后报告页面,是为了方便您向我们提出宝贵的建议和反馈,让我们能更清楚的了解您每一位的需求.

Privacy and Discretion

September 6, 2013
Privacy and Discretion We understand privacy and discretion is very important to you. Our locations are always discreet and offer easy access. Your information is confidential and NEVER sold or share to any third parties. 我们非常清楚客户个人私隐的重要性,您任何的个人信息我们都会保密并且绝对不会泄露给任何人。

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